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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy
This website collects some Personal Data from its Users

Some of the data gathered from the platform is obtained via the use of third-party services. The data collected and how this is used is listed below:

User contact details

User contact form
Personal Data acquired: name, surname, email, city, and various typologies of data.


Google Analytics
Personal Data gathered: Anonymous IP address. Cookies and usage data.

Tag management

Google Tag Manager
Personal Data acquired: Cookies and data on usage.

Contact management and communications

Personal Data gathered: email, name and surname.

Feed Management

Personal data gathered: Cookies and data on usage.

Interaction with social networks

Like button and Facebook social widgets, Tweet button and Twitter and AddThis social media widgets
Personal Data gathered: Cookies and usage data.

Visualisation of content from third-party platforms

Widget Google Map
Personal Data gathered: Cookies and usage data.


The Data Controller


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Effective Date: 23 Febbraio 2019 - Ver 1.0